Visit Reuse Programs from Your Desk

No travel budget required:

Visit AT Reuse programs. Learn from leaders.


Relax with a cup of coffee or a glass of iced tea, or if you want a traditional movie experience, grab a Coke and some popcorn. It’s video time.

From the comfort of a favorite chair, or in a group setting with co-workers, it’s possible to tour assistive technology (AT) reuse facilities to learn about donation acquisition, configuring loading docks and storage space, creating areas to sanitize equipment, procedures for checking devices, and how to store refurbished AT. Listen to leaders from state AT Act programs, Centers for Independent Living, nonprofit reuse organizations and faith-based ministries explaining how their programs started, how they operate and the strategies they use to sustain them.

The Pass It On Center (PIOC) has a You Tube Channel with more than 100 short videos filmed on location at AT reuse programs across the country. This project stretched over a two-year period and five extended trips by videographers Michael and Jerilyn Leverett of Disability Connections, a Center for Independent Living in Macon, Georgia, and a partner of Tools for Life, Georgia’s Assistive Technology Act Program. Planning with Carolyn Phillips, Director of PIOC, and Liz Persaud, Training, Outreach and Development Coordinator, Michael and Jerilyn traveled the East from Georgia to Maine, the West from California to Washington, and places in between, visiting programs with a range of missions and models, large to small, urban to rural.

The short videos are edited to capture the essence of sound advice from program leaders: how to start a program, balancing multiple goals, marketing the program, appropriate procedures for working with customers and handling equipment, and implementing strategies to generate revenue to sustain the programs. The models vary from gifting refurbished devices to requesting small contributions to sale of the devices at affordable prices. The business models range from stand-alone refurbishing programs to contracts with vendors to embedding a vendor in the program.

Program models include traditional durable medical equipment reuse, computer refurbishing, and the innovative exchange of AT devices in school systems in New England. Centers for Independent Living in Augusta (GA), Boston, St. Louis and San Francisco explain how AT reuse is a critical part of their mission. Leaders from small and large state programs describe partnerships to further reuse and program sustainability.

Links to the videos can be found in the left navigation panel of the PIOC Knowledge Base home page at , or they can be viewed by the You Tube icon at the upper left on the PIOC home page at or by going directly to The videos are accessible to the public. Subscribing permits the viewer to add comments and contribute additional information that may be valuable to others.

PIOC is in the process of captioning the videos, and the links will change as the videos are captioned and reloaded to YouTube. A list of the current PIOC videos is attached, but this will change as additional videos and links are created.

The Knowledge Base also includes links to videos not produced by Pass It On Center.


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