Continuity of Operations Planning - Jan. Webinar

Webinar: Assistive Technology Reuse Curriculum Module

How to Develop a Continuity of Operations Plan


Initial Presentation:  January 18, 2011

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Reuse programs need to be prepared to continue service to customers, especially in circumstances that may result in more people with immediate need for assistive technology. A continuity of operations (COO) plan specifies how a program will continue to operate when affected by an emergency or disaster. 


Learning Objectives

1.       To identify circumstances that threaten the ability of the program to operate

    2.  To understand the components of a Continuity of Operations Plan

3.      To compile the information for preparing a COOP for our reuse program




Each participant should identify scenarios for emergencies that are most likely to affect the reuse program. Using those scenarios, a continuity of operations plan can be developed for use if the program is affected by one of those scenarios or some other.


Supplementary Materials


This package contains the basic framework for a plan: a table of contents and worksheets that can be used or modified to collect appropriate information.




Jim Cook is the Emergency Management consultant to the Pass It On Center. He served as a county emergency manager for five years. He also served on the Southeast Kansas Incident Management Team. His disaster response experience includes five presidentially-declared disasters, 16 days in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina, work in Greensburg (KS) after the tornado and work in Louisiana at the state level after Hurricane Gustav.


Trish Redmon is a consultant with the Center. She has participated in the development of numerous corporate COO plans, and in the implementation of plans for hurricanes in Florida and an ice storm in Maine. She participated in disaster recovery for a company without a written plan that was destroyed by a tornadic downburst.



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