Policies & Procedures Checklist -- User Services

Policies and Procedures Checklist

User Services


A.     Client Intake

ð       Qualifications for those conducting intake

ð       Written eligibility guidelines for service

ð       Intake process

o       In person

o       Telephone

o       Online

ð       Intake forms

ð       Referral policies and procedures

o       Current lists/resources

ð       Keeping/storing client information

o       Privacy Policy

o       Health Information Privacy Policy for Data Collection/Use of Information (HIPAA)

§         Share with clients (Intake forms/Contract for services)

ð       User packages


B.     Equipment Matching

ð       Appropriateness of equipment

ð       Medical referral required?

ð       Referring to outside professionals

ð       Qualifications for those matching

ð       Forms for evaluating and matching equipment

ð       Referral to vendors/products

ð       Waiver of liability


C.    Training (Staff, Volunteers, Contractors)

ð       Client intake

ð       Filing

ð       Forms/documentation

ð       Delivery/pickup of equipment

ð       Sanitization of equipment

ð       Matching

ð       Data collection

ð       Office policies and procedures


D.    Technical Assistance (for clients)

ð       Use of equipment

ð       Repair/troubleshoot equipment

ð       Adjust equipment

ð       Applying for benefits/services

ð       Checking equipment


E.     Delivery

ð       Who/How?

o       Pick up by customer

o       Delivered by employees

o       Delivered by volunteers

o       Delivered by contractors

ð       Insurance for transportation? Drivers?

ð       Driving organization’s vehicle or driving their own?

ð       Driving on business time?

ð       Dress code for delivery personnel

ð       Forms


F.     Follow Up

ð       Satisfaction survey

ð       Data collection

ð       Technical Assistance/setup

ð       Ease of use


G.    Web Site Operations

ð       Accessibility

o       all components

o       back pages

o       services offered

ð       Policies and procedures posted

o       accepted by members

o       outline permissible uses of the Web site

ð       Security measures

ð       Best practices/tips for consumers to help them navigate the process, ensure they are acquiring good equipment

ð       Exchange programs

o       Seller owns the equipment he/she is selling/donating

o       May want to ask if equipment purchased with VR or Medicaid funds

o       Disclaimers for each online exchange (if completed via Web site) releasing organization from any liability (effectiveness may vary depending on State laws)

o       Reporting system

§         Procedure to report sellers that fail to deliver as promised

§         Procedure to report illegal/inappropriate equipment that should not be available for exchange

§         Rating system for frequent sellers

o       “Buyer beware” warranty language before transaction is completed

o       Include waiver check box

ð       Data collection - Privacy policy that addresses use of information, and registration for use of online exchange

ð       Notice that program will report abuse

ð       Agreement to comply with use guidelines -- checkbox

ð       Verify that insurance policies cover these activities, or set aside money for claims



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