Policies & Procedures Checklist - Governance & Mgt


Policies and Procedures Checklist

Governance and Management


I.          Governance


A.                 Board 

ð        Number of board members

o        Recommendation:  51% people with disabilities

ð        Officers

o        Meet the legal requirements?

o        Chair (or Executive Director)

o        Secretary

o        Treasurer

o        Others

ð        Roles

o        Defined

o        Written down

ð        Corporate documents

o        Articles of Incorporation or Organization

o        By-laws


B.                 Advisory Committee

ð        Selection Process

ð        Representation

o        Recommendation:  51% people with disabilities

ð        Terms

ð        Role/function/authority

ð        Frequency of meetings

ð        Funding/budget


C.                 Management

ð        Company positions

ð        Division of responsibility

o   By title

o   Between board and company management

ð        Supervisory structure

ð        Organizational services to be provided


D.                 Documents

ð        Vision/mission statement

ð        Mission statement

ð        Organizational goals


E.                 Consumer Involvement

ð        Planning

ð        Implementation

ð        Evaluation





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