Kansas Medicaid Experience

Collaboration with Third-Party Payers

Kansas Medicaid Experience


Dr. Sara Sack, Senior Research Professor at the University of Kansas and Director of Assistive Technology for Kansans, is an authority on the collaboration of AT reuse programs with Medicaid.


The Kansas reuse program was identified in KHPA Medicaid Transformation 2008 (published January 2009), a report of the Kansas Health Policy Authority, as a best practices program that saved the state a significant amount of money (Chap. 4, p. 33). The Kansas program keeps an online inventory that is accessible to Medicaid case workers. [See article attachments for Chapters 1 and 4 from the referenced report with pertinent sections highlighted, or use the link below to access the document in its entirely.]


At the Pass It On Center (PIOC) National Task Force Meeting in May 2009, Dr. Sack provided an overview of who pays for AT (based on the Carlson and Erlich study), with 37 percent being self-funded and Medicare leading the list of third-party payers at 18 percent, followed by private insurers (16 percent), Medicaid (five percent), the Veteran’s Administration (five percent) and Vocational Rehabilitation (two percent).


She reported an increasing interest from AT reuse programs in collaboration with third-party payers. Some common questions were: How could this fit within our agency? What are the contractual obligations? What are some of the legal issues? PIOC received requests for information from Medicaid managers, AT Directors and a State Assistant Attorney General. Requests came from Vermont, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Colorado, Idaho, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and Oklahoma, and covered all aspects of program   development.




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