Emergency Preparedness: Where to Start

Emergency Preparedness: Where to Start

Key Documents/Resources

Indicator of Quality -- Assistive Technology Reuse 10.2   Disaster Recovery Assistance


The program has a plan in place to assist the community in recovery from an emergency or disaster situation by providing used AT to existing or new customers.

Rationale:  When an emergency or disaster happens, people are sometimes separated from their assistive technology. A reuse program with needed inventory and a plan in place can match AT to the person and get equipment to the people who need it in an orderly manner.

Key Factors for Consideration

The program has prepared to provide disaster recovery assistance:

By establishing relationships with local emergency management agencies By securing Memoranda of Agreement to work with other agencies and entities in a specified manner By documenting the AT reuse needs that can be anticipated in emergency situations establishing procedures for identifying and sharing inventory By establishing procedures for identifying and sharing inventory By identifying the staff and skill sets that can be made available following a disaster By participating in community drills


The following resources are a basic starting point for learning what and how the emergency planning, response, recovery and mitigation “system” works in the United States. Knowing the purpose of these documents and what they contain will help you get to the “table”, make educated decisions and assist stakeholders in making the correct decisions to assist people with disabilities.

Effective Emergency Management: Making Improvements for Communities and People with Disabilities

CPG 301: Comprehensive Preparedness Guide 301: Special Needs Planning Interim Emergency Management Planning Guide for Special Needs Populations (PDF 302KB, TXT 170KB) (

National Response Framework Resource Center: Overview  Document of NRF:

ADA Toolkit for State and Local Governments (Department of Justice)

Accommodating Individuals With Disabilities In The Provision Of Disaster Mass Care, Housing, And Human Services: Reference Guide Interagency Coordinating Council (ICC): Emergency Preparedness and Individuals with Disabilities, Information for Emergency Managers, Responders, Service & Care Providers



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