Assessing Customer Services at Paraquad

Program Evaluation

Assessing Customer Services at Paraquad

Paraquad, a nonprofit organization located in St. Louis, serves people with all types of disabilities through 22 diverse service areas, including an Assistive Technology (AT) Reutilization Program that provides pre-owned medical equipment at a low cost.

The AT Reutilization Program is a one-stop clearinghouse that acquires, repairs and distributes pre-owned durable medical equipment. AT devices include manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, scooters, canes, crutches, walkers, shower chairs, toilet seats, recreational devices, seating cushion, and back supports. The program also includes education and outreach efforts, clinical service processes, and a regional network of community collaborators.

Paraquad has a Performance Management Plan to evaluate customer services for AT Reuse and Repair (see attached document). This plan includes tracking data from satisfaction surveys, complaints, timeliness of response, and adequacy of access to services. 

Measuring Customer Satisfaction

All repair and reuse customers are asked to complete the brief Annual Participant Satisfaction Survey (see attached). Customers complete this survey each time repair or reuse services are received. The completed surveys are sent to the Corporate Compliance Officer. The data is reported to the AT Reuse program and is reviewed at least quarterly, but usually monthly, at staff meetings.

Tracking Customer Complaints

Customer complaints are tracked on paper and in the Brightree database. The information is reviewed monthly to ensure that negative trends do not develop, and to communicate department-wide on how problems were resolve.

Repair Service: Tracking Timeliness of Response

Timeliness of response is also tracked through the Brightree database. A report is run that shows the initial date a device was received by Paraquad for repair and when the repaired device was returned to the customer. These turnaround times are also reviewed at monthly meetings.  Measuring Adequacy of Access

The adequacy of access to services is tracked and reviewed monthly. This involves evaluating how many clients came in for Reuse and Repair services, whether they were served and how (what type of device they received for Reuse and what type of service for repair – service call or appointment), and if not served, what the barrier was to service. For example, four reasons exist for not servicing a Reuse customer: inventory not available, consumer choice, inappropriate fit, or seeking new device).



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