Measuring AT Reuse Outcomes at Paraquad

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Measuring AT Reuse Outcomes at Paraquad


Paraquad, a nonprofit organization located in St. Louis, serves people with all types of disabilities through 22 diverse service areas, including an Assistive Technology (AT) Reutilization Program that provides pre-owned medical equipment at a low cost.


The AT Reutilization Program is a one-stop clearinghouse that acquires, repairs and distributes pre-owned durable medical equipment. AT devices include manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, scooters, canes, crutches, walkers, shower chairs, toilet seats, recreational devices, seating cushion, and back supports. The program also includes education and outreach efforts, clinical service processes, and a regional network of community collaborators. 



Paraquad conducts research into the outcomes of the reuse program using the recipients of three categories of durable medical equipment (DME): mobility (including scooter, power chair, manual chair, cane, crutch and walker), shower chair/bench, and raised toilet seat/ commode. Customer participation is voluntary.


The customer is asked to participate at the end of the appointment when the DME device is received. A staff member explains what it entails, about how long it takes to complete the pre-use survey and that they will be called in one month to do the follow-up survey. After the customer completes the pre and post survey they receive $10. If the customer agrees, he/she is given a participant information sheet that explains the study: what his/her participation involves, any risks, any benefits, and what happens if the customer changes his/her mind about participating.


The surveys are computer based. Someone can read the questions to the customer if he/she is not a computer user or has visual impairment. The pre-use survey asks questions about the previous device (if there was one) and current participation in activities. The post-use survey is taken 30 days after receipt of device and asks about the customer’s participation in activities with the reused device. (See attached survey forms.)


The usage research enables Paraquad to: §         Improve device-fitting practices during initial evaluation §         Identify reasons for device abandonment if it occurrs §         Address follow-up service needs §         Assess the impact of the device on the person’s participation in activities in their home or the community The data analysis includes demographic data, satisfaction with device and satisfaction with services scores pre and post, information on falls in the past 30 days, and the distance they can go with and without their device, pre and post.




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