STAR Network: Building a Regional AT Reuse Network


STAR Network: Building a Regional AT Reuse Network


The goal of the Southeastern Assistive Technology Access and Reuse (STAR) Network is to create a sustainable network that increases access to reutilized assistive technology (AT) in underserved regions of Georgia and the Southeast. Begun in 2007, the STAR Network is funded by a three-year demonstration grant from the Rehabilitation Services Administration and administered by the Georgia Department of Labor, Tools for Life Program (TFL).


Georgia’s TFL Program has the key responsibility to develop marketing and networking strategies for the STAR Network. Two Georgia nonprofit organizations, Touch the Future (TTF) and Friends of Disabled Adults and Children Too (FODAC), are the two STAR Network grantees responsible for housing the STAR Network Equipment Depots and developing operational services throughout the Southeast.


Capacity and services are increased through STAR Network reuse resources,equipment, skills training and partnering with others. STAR Equipment Depots, with the support of TFL staff and the Assistive Technology Resource Centers, are working to develop a network of STAR Outreach Centers and STAR Donation Sites.


TTF and FODAC collaborate to administer, develop policies and procedures, provide training and set up various donation and distribution sites around the Southeast. The STAR Network Depots make regular trips to their partners (STAR Outreach Centers) to provide needed equipment, to pick up donations and to provide training. The ultimate goal of the STAR Network Depots is to maximize reuse opportunities in the product categories of computers, AT and durable medical equipment (DME) while adhering to liability, safety and environmental standards.


Outreach Centers are the means by which other organizations join the STAR Network and serve their communities while maintaining their own identity. The STAR Network Depots have developed a three-phase approach that provides technical guidance and instruction to enable organizations to develop their own donation and distribution locations.


In the first year of operation STAR Network created five outreach centers: Disability Connections, Walton Options, Tech-Able, Disability LINK NW, and Columbus Assistive Technology Center. By the third year of operations, operations reached from the Georgia-based depots into South Carolina, Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee with outreach and donation centers. Organizations wishing to be a STAR Network Outreach Centers are required to meet certain criteria and buy into the services provided by the STAR Network Depots.


The attached technical manual is meant to give policies and practices to organizations that desire to partner with the STAR Network Depots (TTF and FODAC) or to become a STAR Network Outreach Center. These

policies and practices are in their infancy and will continue to develop over time. The training material is intended to be used by the STAR Network team in conjunction with hands-on training. Users of this material must read and agree to the following disclaimer.

No Liability of, or Warranty from Touch the Future, Inc (“TTF”) and Friends of Disabled Adults and Children, Inc (“FODAC”). TTF and FODAC shall not, by reason of any individual utilizing this material in any

fashion, be liable for any injury or damage, cost or expense of any nature whatsoever that occurs as a result of or in any way in connection with any individual’s use or application of the policies or practices herein. TTF and FODAC do not grant or convey any warranty whatsoever in the purpose, merchantability or use of the materials herein.


Ownership, Copyright and No Use of Marks. The materials, marks, images, emblems and terminology herein are the ownership of Touch the Future, Inc. (“TTF”) and Friends of Disabled Adults and Children, Inc.

(“FODAC”) and no person or entity may at any time reproduce, copy, distribute circulate or sell said materials without the express written permission of TTF and FODAC. The independent use of TTF’s or FODAC’s marks, images, emblems or terminology requires a separate license/consent from TTF or FODAC.


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