The Power of Capturing Outcome Data


ATIA 2009 Conference Session

Orlando, Florida

January 28-31, 2009


Session Title:

The Power of Capturing Outcome Data at The FREE Foundation



Brian Leitten, FREE Foundation


Session Description:

The FREE Foundation, an equipment reuse program founded in Roanoke, Virginia, has successfully measured outcomes resulting from its gifting of recycled medical mobility equipment. These outcomes have demonstrated the effectiveness of the program, allowing the Foundation to positively and quantitatively demonstrate the impact of the program on gift recipients and to influence government leaders and funding decision makers.


Session Objectives:

1. First Key Learning Point 

Measurement of outcomes provides a quantitative way to demonstrate program effectiveness

2. Second Key Learning Point 

Consistent program management yields superior outcomes

3. Third Key Learning Point 

Valid outcome data is a persuasive tool


Experience Level:



Session Format:

Research Paper / Study (A presentation of a finalized research paper or results of a research project)


Technical Experience Level



Presentation Outline:

1. Overview of The FREE Foundation

2. History of FREE

3. Outcome Measurement Process

4. Outcome Results

5. Impact of Successfully Measuring Outcomes



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Presentation Type:

Educational Session


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Title: The Power of Capturing Outcome Data
Module: Sustainability
Author: Brian Leitten
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Organization Source: The FREE Foundation
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