Employee Resignation, How to handle

Human Resources

How to Handle an Employee Resignation



When an employee expresses his or her intention to resign, either the employee's immediate supervisor or the manager of Human Resources should meet with the employee. The following checklist may be useful. (This assumes that this is a voluntary resignation. If the employee is being permitted to resign in lieu of termination, follow the Employee Termination Checklist.)  

1.  Ask the employee to submit a letter of resignation, however brief, stating the last day of work, and a reason for departure.  

2. Review with the employee a written summary of benefits due immediately or that may continue for some period after employment. This summary should include compensation for all time worked and for any accrued vacation and sick time, and the right to continue health and life insurance benefits as specified by federal law . (An example of a COBRA rights notification is attached.)


3. On the final day of employment, collect the employee ID and any keys. Verify that the employee has returned all property belonging to the organization. Notify the systems administrator when the employee’s access to systems should be removed. If the employee had access codes to key pad locks, security systems or safe combinations, those should be changed immediately.


4. Hold an exit interview and/or ask the employee to complete an exit interview questionnaire. (An example is attached.)


5. Thank the employee for his or her contributions to the organization. Wish the employee good luck and express confidence in his or her future.




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