AT Needs Shelter Process

Emergency Preparedness AT Needs Shelter Process Serving those affected by disaster requires preparation. Those in need of assistive technology (AT) may be prior users of AT who were evacuated without the assistive technology (or the accessories or devices to power the device), or they may be people who were injured in the course of the disaster. Providing AT requires an assessment process and access to an inventory of the needed equipment. The staff of the Louisiana Assistive Technology Access Network (LATAN) have experienced several hurricanes and have developed tools that can be used as models from which others can create tools appropriate to their location and the types of disasters or emergencies that are most likely to occur. LATAN created a flow chart for a needs assessment for an individual in an emergency shelter. This flow chart maps a path to get equipment to evacuees after a disaster. [See attachment.] After experiencing several hurricanes, LATAN created a starter list of AT devices most likely to be needed in emergency shelters. This pre-determined inventory of AT is staged at emergency shelters throughout Louisiana. The list appears in the attachments. LATAN has also created a list of resources for people affected by disasters. This simple table with contact information may be a useful guide for other organizations and programs. [See attachments.] LATAN is based in Baton Rouge and assists individuals with disabilitites to achieve a higher quality of life and greater independence though increased access to assistive technology as part of their daily lives. See attached flow chart and AT shelter equipment list. Used with permission.


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Title: AT Needs Shelter Process
Module: Emergency Mgmt
Author: Louisana Assistive Technology Access Network
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Procedure: How to assess and meet AT needs after disaster
Organization Source: Louisiana Assistive Technology Access Network
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