Checklist - Delivery: Policies & Procedures





Checklist – Delivery: Policies, Procedures, Workflow


ü      Document delivery services offered, if any, days, times


ü      Identify vehicles to be used (owned, leased, partner, volunteer)


ü      Identify required driver qualifications and training


ü      Define safety policies for delivery


ü      Determine liability and insurance needs


ü      Develop delivery workflow



Suggested Documentation




Specify if and when delivery will be provided for AT; how scheduled; delivery area

Document services offered, days, times, locations

Scheduling forms

Confirmation of delivery forms

Identify vehicles that can be used for delivery

Determine liability and insurance needs

Identify vehicles that can be used and availability

Document insurance coverage (Accounting Dept.)


Specify qualifications of delivery drivers

Incorporate state licensing law and organizational requirements in job description

HR confirms qualifications, licenses

Record-keeping (copies of licenses, training)


Safety policies

Specify training required for handling of equipment, gases, chemicals

Specify driver safety training








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