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Human Resources Recruiting Applicants After securing approval of the management and staffing plan, the CEO must complete the management team. Even though the CEO will make the final decision, it is important to develop a cohesive team. While different skills, and even different management styles are desirable, commitment to a common management philosophy is important. Candidates for management or supervisory positions may be found among volunteers, working in other charities, through networking, by posting positions on the organization’s Web site, through job Web sites, or by advertising in print and on the Internet.


The organization should avoid using media that is not cost effective. That is, the organization should not pay to advertise in major media outlets if local media (print or broadcast) can be used to reach the audience near organization. Position announcements need not be long. They should merely state the position and some basic details. Applicants can be provided detailed information. For example:

                Accountant, full-time, for local nonprofit organization. Call 999-999-9999 M-F, 8-5, or e-mail for details.


Detailed information may be provided to applicants by sending a job description and application form. These may be sent via electronic mail or facsimile machine for convenience. The information packet should provide specific information about working hours and general information about salary. Example: “Our organization is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, but this position will have the option of working a 37-hour week with any combination of five days Monday through Saturday.” “The starting salary for a person meeting the minimum qualifications is $500 per week. Actual salary for this position will be based on the combination of education and experience.”




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