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A mission statement explains the reason for the organization’s existence.  It does not need to tell when, where or how the mission will be accomplished, but it must state the purpose. Articulating the vision and the mission is the first step toward building capacity.


Mission statements are common in the corporate world. Here’s an example from the Arizona Technology Access Program:         Our mission is to promote awareness of, access to and acqusition of assistive technology for persons with disabilities.

The mission statement also serves a vital internal purpose by providing a focus for all employees, partners, stakeholders and customers. The mission statement becomes the standard against which activities and efforts are measured. If the activities don’t contribute to furthering the mission, why are they being done?


What are the characteristics of a mission statement?


1.      It’s brief.

It should be a statement, not a paragraph. Can the purpose of the organization be explained in 25 words or less? There will be many opportunities to use this statement, so keep it brief.


2.      It is easily understood.


The statement should use straightforward, simple language that is understandable by the widest range of people.


3.      It is focused.


The language should communicate what the organization wants to do (and perhaps why) in a way that zeroes in on the goal. The purpose of the organization’s existence should be clear. See the examples on the next page.


4.      It is memorable.


Most garden-variety mission statements are forgettable. Try to articulate the mission in a memorable way that can be used in promotion. Notice the alliteration in the Arizona mission statement. It could be reduced to a slogan for marketing purposes:  AT:  Awareness, Access, Acquisition.


Sample Mission Statements


The following are sample mission statements for Assistive Technology programs around the country.

Assistive Technology of Alaska

To enhance the quality of life for Alaskans through education, demonstration, consultation, acquisition and implementation of assistive technologies.


Connecticut Technology Act Project (CTTAP)

Our mission is to increase independence and improve the lives of individuals with disabilities through increased access to Assistive Technology for work, school and community living.




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